BHMA A156.3 Exit Devices

Pubdate: 2021-08-30

ANSI/BHMA A156.3-2020

American National Standard for Exit Devices

ANSI/BHMA A156.3-2020 establishes requirements for exit devices and trim, automatic selflush bolts, removable mullions, coordinators, and carry-open bars. Performance criteria include cycle, operational, strength, material evaluation, and finish tests. Functions and types are described and numbered. For further information, consult the full standard, ANSI/BHMA A156.3 for Exit Devices.

Product Performance: Purchasers of exit devices, flush bolts, and door coordinators certified to A156.3 ( can be assured products will perform to their expectations.

Below are an explanation and some examples of the evaluations conducted for certification:





Both opening and closing

Building products are

Outside levers and thumb

An additional duty of builders

forces are defined and

expected to last a long time,

pieces must withstand heavy

hardware is to be aesthetically

measured to ensure the exit

and builders hardware is no

forces and prohibit entry.

attractive and stay that way.

device functions in a manner

exception. Grade 1 exit

There is also a requirement

Resistance to corrosion,

compatible with the human

devices are subjected to

that the latch man withstand

chemicals, abrasion, and

operator and associated

500,000 loaded cycles with

a 400 pound load in the

sunlight are all considered in an

hardware, such as door

no loss of operation. Many

direction of egress without

array of finish tests, providing

closers. Opening force tests

additional tests verify the

allowing the door to swing

confidence in the architectural

are specified for the inside

strength and durability


metals and coatings.

actuating bar and the outside

through pushing, turning,


and pulling at the trim.

Building Codes

Builders hardware provides several attributes that are essential to building safety and performance, including egress and fire protection. Exit devices play an essential role in ensuring the safe egress from assembly occupancies. BHMA certification includes compliance with UL 305 for Panic Devices.

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